Natalie Liow

Project 1 – Cycle Hub
Joint project with Nanxi Wang

The site was located in Owlerton, Sheffield on top of a slope and on a public walker/cyclist track along the River Don. The brief was to design a sheltered bicycle hub for cyclists to use which included a bicycle repair counter, storage for up to 40 bikes, public toilets with changing facilities, a cafe and a sales desk. We designed it as a circular building, representing a bicycle wheel at roof plan. The existing cycle track continues to run through our building, splitting it into two; with storage on one side and service facilities on the other.




Project 2 – Theatre
The site was in Ancoats, a residential part of Manchester currently undergoing urban regeneration. For this project we were to design a small community theatre with a seating capacity of approximately 120, backstage and performance space, a bar, ticket desk, equipment storage and offices. The building is split into two, with a public entrance facing the main street and a private entrance through the back leading into rehearsal space and backstage areas. With an open public space on the entrance level, a two-way ‘theatrical’ staircase leads visitors up towards the auditorium and an outdoor bar and across a bridge overlooking the space below it




Project 3 – Housing

My manifesto for this housing project looks at intergenerational housing aiming to bring people of different ages together. Burngreave is one of the poorest and diverse areas in Sheffield. My site was located in an industrial part of Burngreave, a relatively unsafe area surrounded by old warehouses. The lack of green and safe outdoors space in the area drove me to design my housing scheme to revolve around gardening and being outdoors as this can also be a bonding tool for bringing different generations together.
My housing scheme consists of 3 family houses, 3 two bed flats and 4 one bed flats, all of which have direct access to outdoor space through their own personal balconies, roof gardens or the shared courtyard. It also includes a community social centre below the flats with access to the allotments and sheds with gardening tools in the courtyard which may be opened up to the public.
One of the main problems of my site was lack of sunlight due to the three existing walls surrounding it, therefore one of my main priorities was to ensure that all living spaces and particularly the allotment/green spaces would receive plenty of sunlight.