Naomi Bailey


YEAR 2 Projects 


Housing Project | Self-Build Apprenticeship Scheme

Situated just outside of Sheffield City Centre, this family housing project aims to boost the sense of community and activity within Woodside. Loosely based on self-build, this set of housing will be built through a construction apprenticeship scheme, attracting people into the area to learn valuable skills, gather first-hand experience and gain qualifications in construction.

There are eight dwellings, fit to accommodate couples, young or large families. There is also a workshop at the top of the site for the working apprentices, and in the near future as a gallery space or workshop venue. There is a central green space connected to the communal venue, attracting residents to come together to socialise, host events, rebuilding a strong sense of community. Each dwelling has at least one roof garden. The large windows and angled orientation of each house maximizes sunlight entering the interior with views over Woodside and the two churches that bookend the site. The interior spaces are flexible to a certain degree, with partition walls that can be designed by the user to fit their ideal spacial needs for each room. A light well in the centre of the houses created by the running staircase ensures light floods into each space, leaving no room forgotten in darkness.

These prototype houses are designed to benefit a grander scheme with hope of setting up similar apprenticeship self-build projects around Woodside that anyone can get involved in. As well as the sculpture park proposed in the masterplan, using creativity and physical activity will enhance a community setting and characer that Woodside is currently lacks.    





Theatre Project | The Ruby Theatre 

Located in the heart of Attercliffe in Sheffield, this contemporary dance theatre aims to reconnect the multi-cultured community and attract outsiders to a theatre everyone can understand and enjoy through movement.  

The design of the theatre takes the audience through a mirror maze-like entrance to the foyer, where one becomes aware of their own movement before appreciating the movement of contemporary dance.The boundaries between the performer and audience are blurred by placing the audience around the stage using a flexible, profile-stage, seating arrangement. The performers back-stage have a changing-room and storage area which are located underneath the seating on the raised ground floor. There are stairs leading from the changing room to the light-box and office which snakes its way to the front of the theatre, looking over the double-height bar. The abstract facade creates reflections of passers-by through interesting angles.

The Ruby Theatre strives to make Attercliffe a destination, attracting the flow of movement from the busy A-road outside, to enter inside and share this glowing, community space.




Threshold Project |  Cycling Hire Centre  

The brief was to design a new cycling-hire centre in the Peak District village, Castleton, in Sheffield.

This bike hire station is nestled into the Cave Dale Valley, with a mountain-bike track snaking from the unit, through the landscape. The track defines the threshold between the path and the ground, reacting to the variant height thresholds created by the hills.  The venue is orientated to create idyllic vistas towards the Pevril Castle, appealing to walkers as well as mountain-bikers as a space to rest and enjoy the views. The bike trail runs through the unit, dividing the public and private spaces of the building without disrupting the flow of bikers who wish to continue their journey. Mostly naturally ventilated and lit, the threshold between inside and outside is removed.

This bicycle hire spot not only provides the opportunity to hire a range of bicycles but also a chance to embark an adventurous trail through the Peak District.




Matter Reality Project | Polymer Installation 

Using only polymer materials, as a group, we created an installation made completely out of plastic cups. This live project was presented in The Moor in Sheffield, a busy street filled with shoppers and pedestrians alike. The installation ideally engaged with the public, with many exploring inside this vessel, mesmorised by the views through the individual plastic-cup spheres. Following the brief, we had little wastage material with majority of the plastic cups recyclable. We even managed to give-away a few of the spheres as souvenirs, especially to the younger population.


Selection of Own Work | Paintings and Sketches 

Development of my own creative interests and styles in particular the way colour can capture and elevate the shape and texture of a building or subject.