Nabilah Rosdi

P1 Observatory

The brief of the project was to design an observatory on top of Higger Tor which situated in the north of Peak District National Park . working alongside Fatimah Ulfah, we decided to design a small observatory to observe the moon as our site has a low concentration of lights during the night which is an ideal place to observe moon or celestial objects. The observatory include facilities such as overnight accommodation for 2 people, a small multipurpose club, tea point, office and equipment stores. The designed are developed after an ancient instrument called Astrolabe which is also used to observed the moon and stars. This small single storey observatory attempts to give people the experience of walking through a moon phases with a certain amount of lights illuminating the paths, this mimics the brightness of the moon according to it phases.

P2 Library

The brief was to design a small community library in Northern Quarter, Manchester. I choose to design a Digital Library as Manchester has become one of the top five cluster in the UK with second highest digital employment of over 50,000. The ideas behind the library is to relocate and re-establish the realation between the technology and the city, also to improve the technological literacy of local community with relevant technology. This digital library situated at centre of centre of Northern Quarter will provide new social hub that geared toward inclusive community activities and driven by technology based learning while providing flexible spaces for community ammenity to encourage social interaction and group learning.

P3 Housing

Our task is to design a housing scheme that could accomodate 2 differents group of community in the Burngreave area, one is for families and another is for domestic group of people which is informed in our own individual manifesto. My manifesto aims to provide a comfortable, affordable and sustainbale living in Burngreave area where the main focus is to bridge the gap between diverse community existed here. Also giving the opportunity for the elder people to own their own unit/flat and to be rented by students or young professionals as a way to generate their income. I decided to do the Intergenerational cohousing as a response to the social context of the Burngreave whcih is truly diverse. Share spaces would definitely encourage interactions among the residents while increasing the security of the place and lowering the crime rate.