Muhammad Ashfaq Emritte




The proposed design for the kayak centre is set beside the River Don, to the North of Kelham Island, next to a substation and just beyond an industrial lot. A deep pool exists  in front of the remains of a weir: an idea place to put a docking area. The storage area was separated from the main building, due to the difficulty of carrying the kayaks down the slope to the river. These areas can survive flooding.

The main building itself is split into two levels, with the mezzanine being dry, a warm comfortable place with a fireplace and small administrative space, and the lower floor being a wet space with a changing rooms. This also provides a division between public and private spaces. From the mezzanine floor, an open space, the view is scenic and of the river. From the private space, where the kayak club respect the context of the site warts and all, the sub-station and the less appealing bits of the site are visible.






The library designed was aimed at children and based on the idea of telling stories around a campfire.

The library was designed around a central core, which has connections to all parts of the building. The actual library area itself was designed to be playful, with bookshelves acting as steps and different levels to climb. The seats are very wide, capable of seating an adult and their child, allowing them to read comfortably.  Circular window seats also allow for children to read alone, in their own claimed territory.


The design for this housing scheme includes four units aimed at the elderly and four units designed for families. There are two inner courtyards, each shared by two elderly units and providing ventilation and views for the family units. The family units are provided with a terrace garden, a green roof above the elderly units. Skylights in the bedrooms of the elderly units allow for clear view of the sky straight above when lying down. The housing scheme also sits next to a medical centre, so careful attention had to be paid to ensuring sunlight reaches it and that it is not overshadowed. As such, the design is stepped, and a distance has been worked out between the scheme and the centre which will be landscaped, and should allow sunlight in during working hours.