Portfolio | Minh Nguyen
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Minh Nguyen

P3 Housing Project

For our housing project, we were asked to design communal housing for people who are living in Burngreave. I decided to design a co-living house for single mother due to high percentage of single parents living in the area.

This diagram illustrates my approach toward the footprint of the site through maximum preservation of greenery as well as handling the height differences on the area

Private courtyard links with the back entry of the stores on the Street: Create a neighbour hood between the store owner and the residence whilst still keep the area to be quiet and secured.

Section AA showcases the public aspect of the building whilst Section BB illustrates different unit type

Render images showing level of light in the house around 12 noon

Top image showing the children learning how to cook using the public kitchen

Middle image:threshold between the adult sitting area and the children play area

Bottom image: Standardized room welcomes possibilities for change and offers freedom for residence to decorate

Perspective Plan showing the public, private and in-between spaces in the house
Isometric view showing terracotta cladding as well as timber saw tooth roof, homage to the nearby industrial area
Sectional Perspective showing level of lux in the area as well as different activities being carried out by the residents

Sectional Model photos