Project 3

is a housing project. My design is located at a slope, face to the housing below the hill. On the mixed residential- agricultural region, the green roof is designed for public. Connecting the housing into the forest, the roof is boundless to link with the path way at the back. The roof yard, stay none visible from the view from the neighborhood, is open to the forest, the view and the nature. The housing is surrounded by vegetation, uneven topography, sunshine, and open field, but rather than choosing one of these to generate a single system that the entire building must follow, they are characterized by the synthesis of many systems running in parallel through observing the individual behavior of each different architectural element in response to environmental elements.




Project 2

is a theatre design project. I choose to design a puppet theatre is considered by its location, transport, and surrounding building use. This public building allows audience stay, social, enjoy and relax. The puppet theatre is featured both interior and exterior by puppetry art. It is a world full of culture, mysterious and fantasy.






Project 1

is located at the site which is approaching to the Mother Cap in Peak District. It is at the edge of the forest of birch trees and with many rocks surrounded.  The aim is to create a photo point for shutterbug, and a place to allow people stop and take a snap shot of the breathtaking landscape. By exploring and developing the altitude differences of the building and the surrounding rocks, creating the whole building as a ‘viewing deck’ becomes one of the most key inspirations. Space of accessible areas are both in the interior,  exterior and top of the building.