Michaela Gomes

P 1  A P I A R Y

Designing an apiary focused on the display of the bees and the bee keeping process by treating the building like a bee museum. The other spaces in the design are added and function as ‘supporting acts’, complimenting the process through the production and selling of honey, visits and tours. The secondary aim of the design is to promote the renewal of its context through creating areas where social engagement can take place, and utilizing the surrounding natural elements and views.


P 2  C O M M U N I T Y T H E A T E R

A community theatre designed to promote a social and academic approach towards theater production. Spaces have been designed to allow various theatrical experiences as the building is used by the production team and the audience. The student occupied neighbourhood set a need for a social hub and expressive output for young minds developing skills in the various forms of the art through concerts, theatrics and film screening. The design will work with its immediate context to form a cultural center where the public can engage in the evolution of an historic art.

P 3  H O U S I N G

A housing project aims to address the housing crisis in England by designing affordable housing which accomodates a mixture of domestic groups with a lower economic background. The manifesto is focused on defining the conditions for a high standard ‘quality of life’ based on social engagement and shared facilities rather than the quantity of space provided for the private use of each resident. As the design is for affordable housing the scheme introduces plans for promoting work life and creating supporting space for those with upcoming businesses.