Michael Neal

P1  – Walker’s Refuge 

This project was to design a walker’s refuge in the Peak District. Starting the project with an ergonomics study and a territory study to fully understand the user and site of the proposed scheme. ‘Layers of refuge’ became the central concept behind the design; the aim was to produce spaces that could allow walkers to enjoy a moments respite or a much longer break and somewhere to spend the night.



P2  – Public Library 

The project is an arts library with space for the public to study art, produce art and exhibit art. Responding to the character of the evolving Ancoats area the library is a space for people, especially young adults, to nurture an interest in artwork. The library sits on a main road connecting Ancoats with the Northern Quarter and therefore needed to serve as a civic landmark.



P3  – Burngreave Housing 

The project is a scheme for elderly residents living independently of care, along with family housing.  The design focuses on social integration and interaction between the different houses and the generations.  The aim of the project has been to integrate elderly people, that still wish to live in an urban environment, into the community rather than simply ‘house’ them.



Personal Work 

A selection of personal work and drawings from a local Life Drawing class.





Contact: mawneal1@sheffield.ac.uk