Mia Owen


For the first project of the year, the brief was to create a kayak centre along the River Don. As part of the task, we are to design a building to accommodate the various activities and equipment that is associated with kayaking. Located in a forested area of the River Don, I wanted to reflect the surrounding landscape seamlessly, creating this special retreat for kayak enthusiasts. The facility is split into two buildings, one for the storage of the kayaking equipment, and the other for changing, teaching and dwelling.

p2Situated just off the bustling Ecclesall Road, my site is located on a residential road full of student housing. The area of Sharrow is split into 2 different communities. The student area and the actual heart of Sharrows community. My scheme is to create a community dance theatre that could involve the student community and Sharrow’s community. It could be a place where parents could drop their children for dance lessons as well as for more professional entertainment in the evenings. It would also be a great venue to host student events with the various dance societies at the universities.


p3In this project I want to focus on social housing and how realistic is it to use sustainable strategies to create social eco villages. Sustainability is a hot topic for architects. The built environment is the largest consumer of natural raw material and the largest generator of landfill waste, contributing to 50% of carbon emissions. As architects we need to address Sourcing, processing, transport, recycling and reusing, waste disposable and alternative energy resources. By 2050 we need to reduce emissions by 60% to stabilise CO2 levels

Additionally, there is a huge problem with the lack of affordable housing being built in the UK. The housing crisis isn’t about houses – it’s about people. It’s the family struggling to meet next month’s mortgage payment. The young family renting a rundown flat, wondering if they’ll ever be able to afford a home of their own. I want to create homes and a community which families can thrive and enjoy. People no matter what background should have access to good architecture and environments. Where you live and grow up massively effects the quality of life and future of children and families. My Aspirations for this project is to create a neighbourhood of community houses for a mixture of families and ages. I also intend for my housing to be a sustainable as possible, taking inspiration from the Passive house. I want to create a community with an identity, which I feel lacks in Heeley. Its going to be a place, to meet, eat, communicate and play. I want to stimulate a sense of community, allowing more interactions between neighbours.