Mia Deaville

P1 Climate

The design of a clubhouse for the owners of an allotment based in Hathersage. The design intends to have a sustainable approach with an awareness of its environmental impact.

P2 Culture


The design of an immersive theatre based in Wakefield that expresses the value of community of those from a working class coal mining background in order to create diaspora for an old cultural identity.

The project intends to revive Wakefield’s past cultures in order to bring the community together and merge new cultures and politics through the medium of theatre.

P3 Community

An inter-generational housing scheme with particular integration of people post foster care.
The scheme works with South Yorkshire Housing Association in order to provide a network of support through a ‘pocket neighbourhood’- an intimate community that hopes to tackle isolation.
The design will value the importance of safety, stability and security which opposes the uncertainty of temporary emergency housing such as foyers and hostels.