Meredith Farmer


P1: Observatory

For this project we were tasked with designing an observatory on Higger Tor, out in the Peak District. The site provided many challenges and opportunities. Out of respect for site I based my design on the idea of minimal impact. The observatory would be a campus of 3 small modules, one for the telecope, one to accomodate 2 astronomers and other to act as a teaching space. Each one would be only one story high, with a form inspired by the boulders littering the landscape.


P2: Puppet Theatre

For this project I had a rather compact site in Attercliffe, Sheffield.  The idea was to create a self supporting structure that would connect to the walls of the adjacent buildings, whilst putting only a minimal load through them, and so the the idea of of carrying all upper floors through a central structural column was born. Having all the elements suspended or supported also is to echo the purpose of the building – puppetry.





P3: Housing Project

For my housing project I focused on social integration – the idea that both social and private housing should be incorporated into a development to promote a more balanced and equal society. As such my houses and apartments were designed to be efficient, cost effective and attractive to both social and private renters, with lots of shared spaces – shared storage areas, a shared roof garden, courtyards, shared balconies, circulation space to encounter neighbours and no physical boundaries between gardens. The plan of the house was originally angled to maximise the south light then became more rectilinear with each iteration. The rear of the house towards the garden is more fragmented to make it feel more open, and ideally the balconies would be full of plants, helping the building to dissolve into the gardens and the trees and scrubs of the adjacent churchyard. The Apartment block was designed as an ‘L’ shaped block, with 2 stone blocks making up the core of each differnt flat, with timber and steel additive elements to make up additional rooms and the circulation.