Max James Bridge

Y E A R  2  P O R T F O L I O

A compilation of works from my second year of studying architecture at the university of Sheffield. Works included are those from the P1 Threshold project , P2 Theatre project, and P3 Housing project  as well as a compiled selection of crucial sketchbook ideas and workings. There is a slow shift from a hand drawn process to a digital one through my work, which can be seen by the use of Photoshop and Vector works (BIM programmes)   
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P 1  Threshold. Walkers retreat

A joint project with Alem Derege

“Walking is the best way to go more slowly than any other method that has ever been found.”
-Frederic Gros
We were tasked with the design of a small building in a landscape. The title of this programme was ‘walk’; mine and my partners building had to accommodate rest; rest (restoration) following a long walk; provide refuge from the elements, reflection on the previous day’s efforts or the efforts of the previous stage, and preparation for the next.
Mine and my partners site was located on windy knoll just out of Castleton and in the shadow of Mam Tor. The theme of our projects was based on the theme of journey and progression with the building following the natural motion of walking, while exaggerating the views and feelings of the site.


P2 Theatre. Magic Theatre


“The theatre was once the heart of every community. A place to escape, a place to dream and wonder, a place to fall in love…”


I was tasked with the design of a small community theatre building in the Northern Quarter of Manchester site E. I was expected to research the culture of theatre in the UK, or in Northern England, and propose a ‘type’ with which I was interested in working. This included: Studio, Drama, Performance Art, Cabaret, Comedy, Puppetry, Music, Drag, Poetry, Magic… Coupled to this I had to design a bar/café as part of the theatre since it is an integral space before and after a performance as well as catering for the needs of the performers and staff.
For this project I designed a Magic theatre along with a basement cocktail bar, magician workshop/school and raised herb garden. The design was based on the ideas of how an illusion works and steps in providing a successful illusion as well as manifesting the basic ideas of what magic is and the light/dark aspects of it in an architectural form.



P3  Housing. Communitas Of Wellbeing


‘the place where a meeting between two realms takes shape, the place where two entities that retain their full individual integrity overlap, where they are simultaneously present’


Housing is an essential element of all of our lives. It is a recurring theme and forms a principal part of the education of each student. For this task I had to  focus on developing a type of housing in the Burngreave area of Sheffield, as well as a clear manifesto with an architectural response. I was asked to design for both families and an additional domestic group. This additional group may be was informed by my housing manifesto. I had to provide an adaptable space for work, study or recreation for each dwelling. In addition to the housing I provided, some sort of collective or ‘community interface’ facility (eg. corner shop) as appropriate to my manifesto had to be accounted for.


Burngreave as it stands is one of the most culturally diverse districts of Sheffield, yet the most fragmented and segregated. The language barriers, enclosed infrastructures and the mentality to ignore or push away has left the area in a state of drastic social need. The Communitas is formed from the family’s and older retired residents of Burngreave- people who believe that the residents themselves can change the wellbeing Burngreave instead of waiting for funding or council intervention. This group of people from all backgrounds will create a new co-housing community based on the needs of the resident and their `wellbeing` instead of some council profile. They want to prove happiness can come from the people and relationships that exist within a community and shouldn’t be forgotten for a short term profit. The Communitas will house themselves as well as providing a family and shelter to the rising young single parent families (in particular mothers) in Burngreave that are without council provision. This will become part of their alternative rehabilitation scheme and work alongside the council to house the mothers in need. Coupled to this, the Communitas site will also allow the incorporation of a bookshop and language centre to tackle the rising illiteracy in the English language in the area, and a café to share the food grown on site by the community. Their belief of supporting and providing for a healthy, head, heart and soul will be a leading example to Burngreave and the wider community.


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