Mawee Pornpunyalert


A camera point which sits in the peak district near multiple famous landscapes for photography. The concept of the design is the use of containers due to its mobility, and its merging quality into the landscape. The design composes of 3 separated structures; the main one being studio 1, tea point, and gallery space. Another component is a darkroom which is sunken into the ground facilitating a naturally dark space. While studio 2 is located on top of the cliff looking towards Mother cap, a landmark. The separated components of which are placed on different levels provide photographers with 360 view.


A meditation library located in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. The concept comes from the idea that books take you on a journey. Where this particular journey is a journey to self discovery through meditation. The design reflects the journey of meditation, starting from being heavy and troubled to being light and content. This was achieved through the use of material and transparency. The design also focuses on the engagement of the 5 senses which are key to meditation. Each story serves different function where the ground floor is a café, first floor a library, and second floor a yoga space.


A housing project in Burngreave which promotes well being. The manifesto resulted from the poor average health and the lack facilities that promote good health in the area. The project contains 4 houses and 8 flats designed for families and individuals who are recovering from illnesses. The design focuses on a green courtyard, maximum sunlight, and allotments. According to New Economic Foundation, well being can be achieved through 5 factors- connect, be active, keep learning, take notice, and give. This project looks at how architecture can answer to those factors and better the well being of the residences as well as the wider Burngreave community.