Matthew Feetham

Year 2 Portfolio

With an overall interest in human interaction and the celebration of everyday life.

P1: Photo Point

Matthew Feetham-Sung Kang-Hyo Kim

Located in Surprise View, Peak Districk National Park, this photo point is an off-the-grid photography workshop open to the public. The existing rock formation inspired the massing of two seperate stuctures connected by a bridge. This encourages the movement of people through nature, minimising the impact on the foot flow patterns already existing. The gallery was placed towards the end of the rocks, being visible from the main road. In contrast, the more intimate tea point and workshop area is shielded by the rocks, while accessing the great view towards the south. The staircase leading up to the workshop is covered by thin black walls to build anticipation leading up to the top, where they are greeted by scenic panoramic views stretching across the area.

P2: Theatre

A theatre designed in the Northern Quarter of Manchester at the junction between Little Level Street and Dale Street. In essence, this theatre is about the relationship between audience and performer. A celebration of people rather than technology. Conceptually, designed to perform a civic function, providing spaces for the surrounding community, casual theatre goer as well as the theatre elitist. The driving idea behind the theatre was to create an intimate performance space, decreasing the distance between performer and stage, emphasising the importance of the collective community.



P3: Housing 

A housing scheme designed for families and artists in the Burngreave area of Sheffield. Designed as a response to British ideals of privacy, overlooking distances and notions of defensible space at the expense of having something more neighbourly. The intention was to create a closer relationship between neighbours, offering more chances for interaction and networking. Jane Jacobs’s ideas of passive surveillance, walkability and the celebration of a diverse neighbourhood were put at the forefront of the design and conceptual thinking. The intention was to liven up the neighbourhood with the creation of a ‘street living room’, providing south facing outdoor areas to encourage the use of outdoor space. The aim of the project was to achieve a denser urban environment, in a suburban context.