Martha Minton

Blacka moor is an area of wild moorland just outside of Sheffield. It is a popular place to Paraglide. Paragliding creates a threshold between the earth and the sky, through the process of lifting off the floor and into the air. We wanted to replicate this sense of movement through our building, by focussing cocooning and wind in our design. using guerilla models to create curved, twisted forms was our starting point. Our building can accomodate 10 people, with a kitchen, classroom, and a seperately accessible cafe and viewing gallery, which is open to the public.

Liverpool has an abundance of art institutions, both educational and commercial. While many galleries and exhibitions are free, Art is still considered elitist and excluding, an interest which often overlooks the working class. As ropewalks is an ex-industrial area, this library aims to make art a more accessible. Art books are expensive, yet here they can be looked at for free. The studio spaces and study areas are open to the public and will provide extra workspaces for the abundance of educational institutions in Liverpool. The ‘corridor of books’ at its core is designed as a shortcut between the two main roads, a place of enjoyment and exile rather than a dark alley which people fear.

Burngreave is north-east of Sheffield’s city centre. As well as being an extremely ethnically diverse suburb, I also found out that it has a higher amount of single parents than the national average. I decided to design a housing scheme with two thirds of dwellings dedicated to single parents. By designing 3 different sized houses on the same site, I diversified the types of people and family which the scheme could serve. The design of ‘social strategies’, both within and outside the home, aim to encourage as much social contact between users of the site to reduce the isolation that a single parent may face as much as possible.