Marnie Slotover

Second year portfolio


A path of reflection 


The path of reflection responds to the brief for a ‘Walker’s Refuge’ in the Peak District. The path is based on the work of the artist Richard Long which demonstrates how everything ‘from the largest to smallest element, including himself, is in a state of continuous and relative motion.’ The path of reflection diverts the path of the Mam Tor circular walk, leading the walkers through a new route, which through arrangements of modular timber panels invites the user to reflect upon their walk and acknowledge their surroundings.




The Braille Library 


Through subverting the Carnegie Library typology, The Braille Library attempts to promote and teach Braille through its architecture. Located near the Northern Quarter in Manchester, in an area that has not yet been gentrified unlike it’s neighbours, the Braille Library offers an opportunity for the area to regenerate in a positive way through the provision of the library services and a new town square.




The Share Homes 


The Share Homes treat sharing as a luxury. Composed of rental units (3 family units and and 5 single person homes) all connected to a central storage facility, the Share Homes allow the resident to have everything that they could want no matter how quickly (or slowly) they may want to move. In an era of financial uncertainty, when people can not afford to buy homes and want to be free to move, the Share Homes could offer a solution to this crisis.