Marnie Eleanor Hodgson


‘To me a bicycle is a machine of magic… taking me on to the ways of satisfied happiness; giving to me the good friendship I enjoy with others, and to share with me the delight and ecstasies of the outdoors. It gives to me the pleasures of mingling the past with the present… always discovering… always learning. Above all it gives to me also, memories to cherish and store inwardly, as I wheel my ways on joyous days… such a day has been today.’
Albert Winstanley 1917-2012

The brief was to design a cycle centre in Sheath Valley Park which would provide a space for bike repairs and maintenance as well as bike storage. The cycle centre also needed to provide a sheltered place to wait for customers with lockers, toilets and shower facilities.
The cycle centre is aimed at commuters from the east of Sheffield. The cycle centre maximises the view of the Sheffield Skyline from the park, providing an enjoyable space to wait for trams and trains.

‘To touch, to move, to inspire, this is the true gift of dance.’
Aubrey Lynch

A small community dance theatre in Darnall, my design focuses on two aspects of the theatre, front of house and back stage. The theatre is for the whole community and aims to bring together people of all ages and nationalities. The theatre provides a social and exciting space to teach, learn and enjoy dance.

A co-housing scheme bringing together young families in Heeley through growing, eating and selling vegetables. The scheme explores layers of privacy and threshold, from  public to private. There are three two/three bedroom houses and three one/two bedroom houses within the scheme as well as a common house space, shared garden and outdoor dining area.