Mark Waters

 project 1 // observatory // higger tor, sheffield

Set up in the moors of Sheffield, Higger Tor was a remote site. The brief was to produce a observatory upon the top of Higger Tor, where on Higger Tor, was up to our discretion. The observatory needed to house a place for astronomers to sleep, eat and live. It also needed to hold their equipment.

In response to the brief, I decided to introduce an amateur photography aspect to the brief. This was due to the brilliant views and skylines that can be seen across the moors. The building itself would then be a place to showcase these photographs taken by people. This is why there is two different sides to the building, one for the amateur photographer, one for the professional astronomer, working seamlessly together. A large flexible space that can hold exhibitions proceeds onto a balcony given beautiful views onto the southern moors. This makes use of the suns natural curve as it curves around the balcony.


project 2 // darnall music hall // darnall, sheffield

Darnall is a suburb of Sheffield, and is need of a lift to revitalise its high street. It was stated in the brief that I needed to design a theatre to become the hub of the town. The theatre needed to have an area that the community could use day to day to help connect a disjointed community.

My first decision to make was what type of theatre to bring to Darnall. Due to how the locals spoke about how the community was much more connected and lots more was going on in the town in the past. I decided to add to this nostalgia, by created a music hall theatre, a type of variety performance that was popular in the late 1800’s to mid 1900’s. However, I wanted to bring this idea into the present with a contemporary design. My aim was also to produce a place where people will enjoy congregating by producing this large south facing glass facade, which cover the cafe and bar in light during the day.


project 3 // carrfield park // heeley, sheffield

Heeley is a strong community that has a lot going on, due to the good work of Sum Studios. However, the high street needs a injection of life. My site was situated just behind the high street and offered a great possibility to create this new centre of the town. The site had a medical centre and a car park on it and I felt this needed to remain.

My decision was to produce 9 dwellings that covered two sides of the perimeter, the medical centre and bike storage filled the other two sides creating space for a central courtyard for the town of Heeley. A space where children could play, people could enjoy lunches and could become a landmark within Heeley. All of the dwellings have a communal side to the house which overlooks the courtyard to publicly police it and create that connection between the houses and the courtyard. There’s also a private side to each dwelling to allow people escape and offering that separation from all thats going on outside.