Marie Stavridou

Project 1 ‘Walker’s Refuge’

Threshold We have designed a house for walker’s refuge in a huge green landscape. The best way for the walkers to take some rest, wash their clothes, eat, sleep and then continue their journey. When we came across the site, our main inspiration was the Geology of the Peak District. So, we created the following shape for our plan. The main part of our building was the corridor which has the role to connect all the rooms in the house. A big glazing window design the area of the kitchen in order to give visitors the chance to admire the mesmerizing landscape and also have a sit outside the nature. Our chosen materials are also inspired by the landscape. Stone designs the two outdoor heavy walls instead of the indoor space which designed from wood. Wood and glass on top are the materials of the corridor in order to give the sense of the outdoor atmosphere when people are inside. 



Project 2  ‘Music Library’

I have decided to design a music library in Northern Quarter. Northern Quarter is a very busy area with lots of locals walking around. It looks like a kind of traditional area if you have a look at the buildings. Initially when I came across my site I realized this magic atmosphere of the vertical horizontal gaps which the existing buildings create. Also it was very important the same shape of the windows at the buildings. I was really inspired by those and so I decided to create a library with these boxes coming outside.  They give you the sense that the building has depth and so it’s bigger than it is. A modern concrete brick designs the outside and then it connects with the existing buildings but of course with the contemporary atmosphere. Students who study music have the opportunity to enter the library , studying, recording, listening to their music and find useful information for their work. 

 Project 3 ‘HOUSING’ 

As we know Burngreave is considered to be one of the more dangerous areas for someone to live in. I firmly believe that the elderly should receive extra care and protection, therefore I have decided that my manifesto will be to build a small community for the elderly people. Site B could be characterized as a steep hill. I have decided to build a community which includes five single storey and three double storey. In addition, a bakery will be the jewel of the community where the locals  will be able to enjoy the freshly baked goodies. Children is a main factor in the area so the bakery is a way to attract children come and buy their sweets. Another feature concerning the community’s architecture is the common entrance space located between houses. The community is designed by the concrete stone and glass.