Marie Stavridou


Project 1 ‘Walker’s Refuge’

Threshold.  We have designed a house for walker’s refuge in a huge green landscape. The best way for the walkers to take some rest, wash their clothes, eat, sleep and then continue their journey. When we came across the site, our main inspiration was the Geology of the Peak District. So, we created the following shape for our plan. The main part of our building was the corridor which has the role to connect all the rooms in the house. A big glazing window design the area of the kitchen in order to give visitors the chance to admire the mesmerizing landscape and also have a sit outside the nature. Our chosen materials are also inspired by the landscape. Stone designs the two outdoor heavy walls instead of the indoor space which designed from wood. Wood and glass on top are the materials of the corridor in order to give the sense of the outdoor atmosphere when people are inside.



Project 2 ‘Library’

I have chosen to design a library for songwriters in Northern Quarter. How important is to know that you can play music in a library? Songwriters can learn, study, play and practice in the same place at the same time. In ground floor you can find a cafe area and four rooms for artists to practice. This leads to a floor of group and individual study areas. There is also a small place full of books where you can sit, read and enjoy the beautiful view of the city. On the top of the building you can relax above the beautiful skylight which lets the natural light come in. It is a place full of inspiration and creativity to work!




Project 3 ‘Housing’

My manifesto for P3 was to design a community for grandparents who accommodate their grandchildren. The main reason of the project was to bring these two ages together with common activities. First of all, the main aspect of the community is gardening. Grandparents can learn to their grandchildren how to plant and water herbs and so having their own fresh seeds for their teas and foods. The community consists of four single-storey houses and two two-storey houses. There is also a common space which children can play around and elderly people relaxing and having a cup of tea. There is a place full of smiles and happiness!