Interior Perspective

Maria Ramos

The Glass Factory

The sea coast town of Scarborough is in much need of coastal regeneration. The Scarborough Glass Factory has key aims to establish a connection with the community by bringing this unfamiliar glassblowing activity into a new context. The site on the pier has been chosen specifically to be easily approachable by the public and it is oriented to fully make use of the sun orientation. Being located on the waterfront, the scheme is engaged with the environment and climate changes. There was also a need to have a bioregional approach to the construction in order for the material components to have a low carbon foot print. The Glass Factory is organised to facilitate circulation and establish a clear separation between the private and the public.


Healthy Housing

We were asked to design a housing project to accommodate a families with children and smaller domestic groups. Opportunities for shared space, offered by the collective nature of the project, will be present and a contribution to the street edge. The Woodside district, on the periphery of Sheffield City centre, is an intimidating location due to high criminal activity and records of anti social behaviour. Littering and waste disposal remains a current issue in the area. The people of Woodside suffered a high modelled prevalence of common mental health disorders and of all types of anxiety and depression. The community felt that Environment and Street scene were priorities. The Healthy Housing responds to Woodside’s social necessities by providing a community garden. The housing scheme also responds to the increasing need to build sustainably, reaching passive house standards.


Darnall Kafka Theatre

Darnall, located on the outskirts of Sheffield, is an agglomeration of a diverse urban community that was conducted by a monotonous daily routine. The Darnall Kafka Theatre was proposed as a creative centre that broke up this pattern and gave the community something strange, something Kafkaesque. Like Kafka, people of Darnall need to escape from their day to day lifestyle. The theatre becomes the heart of Darnall bringing cultural and intellectual activities together. The surreal bar in the theatre allowed the public to transition from our world to Kafka’s world. The large performance space becomes the core of the structure, giving complete freedom to the play director to do as he wished with the space, including opening it up to the streets of Darnall. 


Falconer’s Club

A ‘Falconers Club’ provides a comfortable area to relax and discuss about Falconry near the Limb Valley. The structure is divided into three pods with different functions. These pods provide a gradual threshold between a dense area of trees to the open fields where the birds of prey are free to fly. The reception is the first cottage that greets you near the existing ruin. You are then guided through the terrain to the Falconer’s Club, where guests can sit comfortably while watching the falconers outside flying there birds. The club is a safe place, nestled between the trees. The last pod, the flying cottage, provides perches and blocks for both Hawks and Falcons. This last flying pod is on stilts to be closer to the flying birds and is open to the fields of Limb Valley. The buildings provide a  transition within the closed forest, establishing different translucencies, depending on the privacy needed. Its materiality reflects the temporary and sustainable status of the structure.