Maria Pinte

Project 1 – ‘Threshold’

This was a paired project with the aim of designing a bicycle hub in a landscape. Located in South Street Park behind the Sheffield Train Station, our building acts as a landmark for bike commuters by creating a visual link with the city through a bicycle display wall. It contains a storage area, reception and café, all linked together but with separate entrances so that each space can function independently as well.


Project 2 – ‘Library’

“Bad libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities” – R. David Lankes

Set in the creative Northern Quarter part of Manchester, the ‘Art and Design’ Library’s aim is to offer the local community a space of learning and discovery both through its book collection and workshop open for everyone. The library tries to create a better connection with the public through a front garden and inviting street furniture. It also ties with the historic heritage of the place by keeping a renovated tower remain of a former listed warehouse that previously existed on the site and linking it to the library building with ‘suspended gardens’.

Project 3 – ‘Housing’

My aim for this housing project was to integrate the older residents living alone in Burngreave, Sheffield with families by creating an intergenerational cohousing scheme. I have designed a total of 8 houses, 3 (2 bedrooms) for the elderly and 5 (3 bedrooms) for families. A balance is formed between private, semiprivate and public spaces. The level of participation in communal activities is up to each resident, but the organization of the whole scheme helps encourage interaction. The public space is designed to include different age specific ‘zones’. The community house includes storage, a small kitchen and living space.