Maria Perikleous

Project 1: Threshold: Cycle Hub

For this project we were divided into pairs and we were asked to design a small capacity Cycle Hub located at the South Street Park right next to Sheffield’s train station. We could place our structure wherever we wanted within the boundaries of the park. It had to consist of a storage space for 40 bikes, a cafe area, a goods and services shop and an administration office. We have designed two structures along an existing path where someone could just drive through or enjoy the views over Sheffield while resting at the cafe on the opposite side.


Project 2: Children’s Library

For the second project our brief required us to design a library within the Northern Quarter of Manchester. I began my project by analysing the site while i came to a conclusion to design a library for the kids of the area where they will be able to learn how to plant and grow their own fruits¬† and vegetables while learning more about a healthy lifestyle. Therefor my library will consist of books on plating and healthy eating. The building also accommodates a market space at the ground floor level while the parents can buy their kid’s fruits and vegetables.

Project 3: Flexible housing that incorporates street markets

This project is situated in the industrial part of Burngreave surrounded by many abandoned factories and warehouses. Since Burngreave is one of the most ethnically diverse communities in Sheffield i decided that it would be a perfect spot for refugees to settle and start a new life. Walls will be able to rotate to create seating area or table spaces.