Mari Shirley


P1 The Arborist Training Centre 

Trees and forests are significant to the identity of the City of Sheffield and it is the role of an arborist to maintain, protect and manage the health of our trees and woodland.

The canopy of the forest acted as the original form of shelter and it is this notion which has been carried forth; the users will remain at one with the landscape… learning about the trees, within the trees. 

In the undulating hills near the Limb Valley, the Arborist Training Centre branches out through the nestled group of trees, spanning across the significant boundary of the Limb Brook Stream.



P2 – The Brook Theatre

Located in Sharrow, just off the popular high-street Ecclesall Road, comes The Brook Theatre. 

The Brook Theatre lies in the heart of the performing arts community for the local area of Sharrow, catering for a range of Theatrical performance from classic playwrights to more contemporary modern performances appealing to a wide audience and age groups ranging from the local theatre enthusiasts to the wider public. 

Upon entering The Brook you are removed from  the outside world; it is ‘a place to escape and a place to dream.’ 




P3 Housing project: A Recuperative place of well-being for downsizes and the wider community of Heeley.


Housing plays a fundamental role in all our lives,It is one of the few building types that anyone, of any age and background can engage with and relate to.

Located in Heeley, a suburb of Sheffield, the proposed scheme consists of five dwellings, focused on the theme of health and well-being and intended for the older ‘downsizer’ market, due to the lack of choice and quality of this type of housing in the current context. In keeping with this theme, the current medical centre is replaced with a ‘health and well-being community’ centre, which also functions as a hub for the wider community.

The scheme takes on a more holistic outlook, establishing a more preventative and targeted approach to help people stay healthier for longer and avoid hospital and long term care. 

It is a ‘haven’ in Heeley for now… but perhaps the start of future regenerative projects to restore the area and piece together the fragmented state of which it is today.