Maple Feng


The falcon visitor center located in woodland near Ringling Road. The visitor center provide space for cafe, leisure and falconry education which also provide space for 7 -12 falcons to live here. The shape respond  carefully to the landscape and embeds itself into the site through a sensitive consideration of the topography’s movement. using unique wood strip panels to create roof in sculpture shape but also to create the effect similar as the light through the forest. Cafe, reception and falconry space have different light experience and frame view.

P2 theatre- a building for children and community

The theatre is proposed for an existing local community in Darnall which used be famous for its industrial background, now become immigrants residential area. The site locates next to a busy high street with local shops and new residential area.  In this project I seek to develop a concept that the building performs itself with  movement of people. With an interactive facade which to some extent informs the street what is going on inside the theatre to help the social disconnection of Darnall today. The workshop and performance space for children need to be consider both safety and experience. The cafe and outdoor performance area for local residents and school use.