Manraj Bhogal


P1: Thresholds- A Hikers Retreat.

We were to design a hikers retreat in Castleton, which is located within the peak district. The Hikers lodge was to accommodate up to 8 lodgers with services to eat and drink. This was a joint project and was completed with the help of George Maidment. Our design was inspired by the natural threshold found on the site between the open spaces and the more compacted spaces between the trees. The Building it self is a wooden structure in keeping with the woodland surrounding the site. 




P2: Theatre


My second project was to design a theatre in the industrial part of Ancoats, Manchester. I designed a comedy theatre combining the architectural styles around the site. I incorporated the industrial and regenerated sides of Ancoats.

The building is set into two parts. The Theatre and the Exterior Shell. Both parts resemble the two building types around the site. My design is for the theatre to be a separate structure to the exterior shell. Having a separate building within a building lends to different experiences around the theatre and lets me focus on creating the perfect space for the shows.

 P3 Housing 

The final project of the year was to design housing for a chosen client incorperating some sort of public domain within the site. My idea was to make intergenerational Co-Housing that mixed the elderly with starting families. These clients were chosen to help with the elderly’s problems with loneliness. I designed two housing types. The first, for the families and the others, for the elderly. The public use of my scheme is found in the front of the site. This could be used during the week by the general public as a cafe and on the weekends the space of only for the residents of the site to cook for each other.