Manasa Chegu

Caving Hut


The Cave is situated amongst the shallow hills and outcrops of the Castleton or otherwise called the Peak district. Giant’s Hole cave serves as a platform for adventure sports and also serves as a location for adventurers who love exploring and climbing the rocky cavities. They carry specialized equipment for climbing such as ropes, karabiners, helmets, torches etc.…  The brief was to design a shelter for these cavers who would want to rest for a while, for a hot cup of tea and catch the warmth of the fire after. The building is a temporary shelter for the cavers, as it’s the midst of the green valley and farmlands. It has wooden shingled roof providing a shire effect over all. To enter the building the cavers pass through the pergola by the small stream, which eventually runs into the cave. There are storerooms to drop the equipment in two separate divisions: wet and dry. Then they are confronted by a double story glass front with a mezzanine floor where they can snuggle up in front of the hearth and view the hills disappearing in the horizon. The idea behind the design is to enhance views and thresholds to provide a secluded place after a tiring and intense activity.

              Perform: Sing-a-long Theatre

Ever thought about the singing along movies you love? Like The Sound of Music or Grease? This theatre is a perfect place to bring out the fun and playfulness back into the momentum of one’s ordinary life. The site is just off the busyness of trams and shops on the High street in Hillsborough, Sheffield, which is in the middle of the houses where it creates an opportunity to residential community centre. The building captivates the people outside either on streets or the crowd from the chip shop or church (which are situated opposite  to the building) when they hear cheerful tunes and the costume parades of people inside, in their colourful outfits climbing the stairs to the auditorium. The glass front of the building envelops the stairs showcasing the enjoyment of the theatrical magic. This is a small-scale theatre with bar with additional seating outside at the ground floor where food is served during intervals and also for people around the area who gather to sit and stir up conversations. This auditorium can accommodate about 60 people on the first floor and it has a film screen with small stage where the performer entertains people.