Maiyoor Joshi


P1 – Threshold (Hikers Refuge)

The project was focussed on the considerations of the site and how well a building can be vernacular to hikers after a long walk. My design partner Shipra and I understood the usage of our feet and its ability to tackle terrains over the mundane earth. Threshold takes place through the process of washing our feet through the water pathway ensuring a clean wash before achieving serenity within ourselves to take rest, to regroup and vitalize oneself before the next walk.



P2 – Designing A Theatre (Urban Study)

Understanding Manchester I quickly took note of its quirkiness of small businesses and urban outlook. The project looks at the façade of buildings surrounding the site and its past existence of experimental music, my aim was to address musicians to the public more freely in music performances and the public to have transparency to the organisation I have designed to maintain authenticity of between the two.





P3 – Housing Project (Neighbourhood Study)

This project was about understanding the wider context of the site, it was about the usage and position of this housing project that would effect its neighbouring part of Burngreave. Through research and a neighbourhood study my housing scheme focuses on a child’s development in improving its start in life by his or hers responsibility to manage its own space for sleeping, studying and relaxing. A child its often excluded in its own parent’s home due to the space given for a child to grow. The complex also has a children center for help needed in homework.