Madeleine Hill

Project 1 – ‘Caver’s Shelter’

My partner and I chose a site near Peak Cavern to design a caver’s shelter. This is a place for cavers to rest after a long day exploring the caves. The heart of the shelter is the campfire area where the cavers can gather round and share their experiences.

Project 2 – ‘Urban Study’

My site is in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. I have designed a performance art theatre which includes a bar/ cafe which forms a vibrant ‘threshold’ between the street and the theatre.

Project 3 – ‘Housing’

My design for the housing project is situated on Ellesmere Road, Burngreave, Sheffield. I have designed an eco-cohousing scheme for families and couples. There are 10 dwellings, including 3 houses and 7 flats. The main part of my scheme is sustainability and I have adopted Passivhaus standards for construction, along with using solar energy and MHVR ( mechanical ventilation with heat recovery). My community interface is a large greenhouse and shop which grows vegetables, spices and fruit to sell. The public,  as well as the residents, can get involved and help to create a vibrant and popular place to be in Burngreave.