Luzelle Anne Horton Davies

Second year portfolio

P1 – Walkers’ Shelter

Joint project with Antonia Headlam – Morley


Our first brief specified a walkers’ shelter in the Peak District; a small building within the landscape to provide rest and refuge to one of the main user groups of the beautiful national park.

Drawing inspiration from the original primitive mountain shelter, the cairn, our design nestles into the landscape and celebrates the stunning view it opens so boldly onto.





P2 – Theatre


The second design task of the year was a theatre in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. The requirements for the design included a performance space as well as a bar/cafe area; a small building in an exciting developing part of Manchester.

My design drew from my own experience performing on stage and tried to focus on the energy and excitement not only of performance but also rehearsal and the creation of theatre. A large screened area on the ground floor would project light and shadows of rehearsal onto the street but could also act as a performance space for digital or light focused theatre as well as more casual performances. An apt name for the theatre would be Buzz, inspired by Manchester’s symbol, the worker bee and indicative of the excitement and energy my design would project.



P3 – Housing


Our third and final project was located in Burngreave, an area of Sheffield struggling with violent crime, mostly gang related. Following intense site and neighbourhood analysis we developed a housing manifesto which would inform the design of a housing project to accommodate families and an additional domestic group.

My manifesto focused on tackling gang violence in Burngreave at its roots. A lack of youth based activities in the area would be combatted and my housing scheme would include a youth centre, as well as additional one bedroom flats for at-risk youths to be housed temporarily in incidences where being removed from their families would lessen their chances of gang related trouble.

The housing itself is centred around a private courtyard accessed only by residents and their guests, a lush green space opened out onto by the housing, encouraging social interaction and wellbeing. My scheme is to be something of an oasis, a place to take refuge amidst a desolate area of Burngreave’s problems.