Lu Ke

Project 3 Housing Design

Housing is an essential element of all of our lives. It is a recurring theme and forms a principa l part of the education of each architecture student. I was asked to design a housing project to accommodate both families and an additional domestic group. My theme was ‘house for expansion’. I intended to provide houses for local worker and farmers who cannot afford a proper house for their families. Hence, at this stage it was reasonable for them to buy a small house and earn more money to expand it.

Project 2 Theatre 

The theatre was once the heart of every community,  a place to escape, a place to dream and wonder, a place to fall in love… The catharsis of the theatrical experience has been part of our society for centuries. It has the power to bring communities together, and contribute to a ‘sense’ of community. I think theatre is a media where people look at the life as it is. In other word, it is a place of reflection. My purpose was to design a multifunction theatre that can perform flexible art show. I used reflective metal material as the facade of the main entrance in order to response my concept. I also made a semi-open façade behind the stage which faced the high street in order to create a mysterious feeling for the passerby.

Project 1 Cycle Centre

In this project, my task was to design a building to accommodate about 50 bikes as well as some infrastructures such as accommodation for a maximum of 2 people: ticketing, administration, tea making etc. My site was located in park hill and through territory study, I found the main feature of the site was its slopy topography. At first stage, I intended to integrate the feature of the site with my cycle centre. Therefore, I placed my building directly into the slope. I also designed some lightning tubes on the facade in order to capture nature light and create a fantastic lightning experience for the users.