Louise E Taylor

Below is a selection of work from the 3 main projects from my second year at Sheffield School of Architecture.

Projects: Viticulturist, Perform & Housing.


Project 1 | Viticulturist

Situated at the summit of Wincobank Hill Fort, Lower Don Valley; Wincobank Winery & Vineyard cascades down the natural landscape forming an alternative public footpath and multi-leveled wine making experience.


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Project 2 Perform

Positioned next to exisiting performance space The Lescar Hotel, Sharrow Vale Road’s ‘The Watermill’ Theatre brings an new standard of venue to the area. Working with the Lescar to form a ‘performance square’ the theatre combines independent practice rooms, market areas, gallery space, a large auditorium and a bar/restaurant.


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Project 3 |  Housing

Settled in Heeley, a suburb in South Sheffield. This project aimed to provide inclusive, affordable housing for all members of the community. Whilst in turn giving back to those in surrounding properties through the creation of a public plaza.


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