Lewan Yazici

P1 – Threshold

A Place for cavers at Peak Cavern to recuperate

At the mouth of Peak Cavern in Castleton I wanted to find what the site offered in terms of a threshold, be it physically felt or just visual. This could be for instance, the point at which light can not pass. Me and my partner Chris decided on what we would call a ‘Pivot point’; the point on the site at which you can respond to the cave as well as the edge of Castleton village. Our project would then evolve into a smooth link between leaving Castleton, and delving into the ancient cave.

P1 Sections

1) Measure

Combined 1:500 section and 1:200 Plan  - At the cave mouth

Territory – Combined 1:500 section and 1:200 Plan

Killer Drawing

P1 Killer drawing

Killer drawing in Context of living room


P1 Final Model


p2 – Public library for Northern Quarter

p2 Concept (Scale)

p2 Concept (Scale)


Toxteth Public library


attempting to appeal to a wider manchester

P2 plans and elevations



During my precedent study, I gathered inspiration mostly from the built projects I visited. These included  projects such as Toxteth public library, which I felt carefully catered for those in the community who once sought knowledge and empowerment. I wanted to reinvent the image of the public library from the existing formula to a place where people could enjoy the experience of using one. I wish that the multistory spaces and plan layout of my design encourage moments and interactions to occur between visitors.

P3 – Residential and Commercial Scheme for Burngreave

BUILDING-USETYPES-OF-STRUCTURE Manifesto-updated-to-print

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