Lebat Bujang


Programme 1   ‘viticulturalist’



“Heatherwick cites the glasshouse at Kew and Crystal
Palace as his key 19th-century inspirations, but he was
also seeking to create an original ’sensual dimension’.
It sounds totally stupid to use those words, but I believe
in them.”

-Guardian Newspaper

We are to put forward a proposal for a small scale, traditional production facility for a sparkling wine producer.

We need to form an understanding of the practical considerations of the building programme, and develop an attitude towards it. 



Programme 2 “perform”



We were tasked with the design of a small community theatre building in one of the 3 allocated sites, and mine was in Sharrow Vale, Sheffield. We studied the context of the town in which our site sits and design a facade which is responsive to its context, yet eye-catching, aspirational and architecturally significant. 

I chose to design a space where local music bands can perform in. The setting of the space is based on steampunk /industrial architecture with brick walls where local artists could paint on e.g. grafitti so it gives a ‘grunge’ yet tasteful atmosphere. The local shops are decorated individualistically and thus create a sense of eclecticness when viewed together as one scene. Hence, I designed a simple yet one-of-a-kind looking modern glass+perforated metal facade facing the main street with a huge funky signage. The glass allows the lightplay from the inside to emerge outside. 






Programme 3 “housing”




“the place where a meeting between two realms takes shape, the place where two entities that retain their full individual integrity overlap, where they are simultaneously present.” 

– Aldo van Eycks, ‘inbetween’

“it is always a question of finding the right balance to enable the resident to withdraw into privacy when they want to but also seek contact from others.”

– Herman Hertzberger on Haarlemer Houttuinen

We were to design a housing project in Heeley, Sheffield to accommodate a mixture of families with children and smaller domestic groups. We were also encouraged to provide an adaptable space for work, study or recreation for each dwelling, and an approach towards shared space offered by the collective nature of the project will be valued. 

The basic outline of the project is:

1. Neighbourhood study & masterplanning

2. Housing manifesto

3. Housing scheme

My concept is ‘in betweeners’, which is the life between the semi-private and public spaces in the neighbourhood. It discusses how gradation of thresholds between private to public seduce people to come outside their homes to integrate more into the community and creates the spirit of vitality. A good home does not only mean a house that provides all the needs of the residents, but also a good house is situated in a thriving and safe neighbourhood so its members can grow healthily and have more meaningful lives.