Laura Turner


Cycle Centre

My P1 was an exploration of the daily commute to work by bicycle; I wanted to encourage and energise the act of riding your bike to work by creating an exciting building that didn’t necessarily stop the flow of people going to work, but rather drove people forward. My site was near Park Hill on a grassy slope by the amphitheatre, therefore I designed a linear building which ran along the slope of the hill, where commuters can ride inside. My main concept was how its architecture disintegrates as the building reaches woodland; on their way into Sheffield/the train station, commuters are gradually awakened as they ride into a building with an increasing sense of form. This is done by a gradual change in materials and using mullions aesthetically to create a striking light quality towards the north of the building. As they pick their bike up to ride home, they ride outwards towards nature – the structure thins around them as they cycle.



My P2 site is in Darnall, a deprived area of Sheffield and I am interested in how the potential of the area may encourage an artistic community to revive it. My theatre was therefore designed to show the work of young writers. My concept was to use Darnall as a set or a backdrop to the productions, allowing a partial view of the street from the audience’s seating through a corten steel mesh ‘screen’ cladding, visible through glazing behind the stage; the noises, weather and everyday activities outside become part of the production. To push my concept and immerse the public in this idea, I designed an inside/outside space on the ground floor which comprised a bar, seating and garden, and a large staircase to the theatre which runs up the side of a crumbling, existing building and has mezzanines and balconies with a view of the bungalows below. A basement holds amenities such as toilets, a green room, storage and a rainwater collection tank.



My Housing Scheme is set in Heeley, an area of Sheffield which has a strong sense of community; for this reason I have chosen to do co-housing, with the main shared facility being the large, meandering garden. My site backs onto Gleadless road – a main shopping street – and I wanted to extend this commercial belt adding 3 independent businesses, including a small Bakery. There is a hard urban front to my scheme which sits on Kent Road – the dwellings then disappear into the green space behind. I have individual, quirky 1 and 2 bed houses that are set into the landscape with earth sheltered corners and many secret courtyards and stepped roof gardens. My scheme sits along the North side of the site to make the most of the sun, and also to not disrupt the views of the residents of Gerard Close.