Laura Dunce

P1 ‘Threshold’- Observatory

Located on Burbage Edge, a disused quarry, the observatory offers exceptional views of the landscape and the stars. A threshold is passed when you move down off the path, where your focus is looking down, to a place which is all about observing the sky above. The aim of the project was to offer an education facility for all astronomers, from amateur to the most advanced, as part of Sheffield Astronomical Society, as the current meeting venue was being closed down.

P2 ‘Perform’- Attercliffe Amateurs Theatre

Attercliffe was a place you would just pass through. Formerly a heavily industrial area, there was no real sense of community, and nothing to bring people into the area. ‘Attercliffe Amateurs’  aspires to launch the regeneration of the area, for everyone to get involved in all aspects of the theatre. Red brick used to express familiarity and warmth, the feature auditorium stands out and welcomes you in.