Kyle McCracken

P1 Print-Maker’s Studio

The brief was to design a print studio for 3 print-makers (with each of them having an evenly-lit drawing space & storage for all necessary equipment), a gallery space and public cafe all within an off-grid building that could be considered ‘temporary’. Within Padley Gorge, located near the village of Grindleford and SW of Sheffield, we were given the freedom of choosing our own site. I ended up selecting a space halfway down between the main footpath and flowing water below, which had a natural access route and was situated under the lightest tree cover.

I wanted my design to embrace the natural contours of the site, yet provide a strikingly modern feature in the landscape, a place for tired hikers to relax, have a coffee whilst watching the artist’s creative output and admire the serene surroundings. 

P2 Theatre

Glamour, Spectacle, Excitement: Three elements that I wanted to embrace and exaggerate, each represented by a chandelier, grand piano & sweeping staircase within my theatre design.

Located within the historic suburb of Attercliffe, Sheffield, I decided that a Burlesque, Cabaret & Drag performance venue would be the best fit for the area and its existing demographic. A building that would become an local icon, proudly standing out from its surroundings and a place for adults to enjoy a more unique form of entertainment that would transport them, albeit temporarily, to a sensuous environment filled with decadence, freedom and romance.  

The brief required a main performance space to seat aprox 120 people, backstage storage & performers facilities, a public bar/cafe, ticket office & other public facilities. I had to carefully consider the main street façade and the link between front of house & backstage areas, something that as a previous member of a performing arts group and passionate performer, I found thoroughly enjoyable and exciting. 



P3 Housing

Given a challenging site in Heeley, Sheffield, that was surrounded by a church, primary school and SUM artists studios on 3 sides, I had to carefully consider the context in this project more than any other before. After proposing a general master-plan to improve the whole of Heeley and researching housing precedents in groups, we were given our briefs: to design housing to accommodate families with children and another domestic group of our choosing (young professional couples in my case). We had to consider shared space, thresholds, parking, different housing types and the general contribution to our street. 

I decided to create a mixture of 2 & 3-bed houses, with the smallest overall area possible (to increase the amount of houses on the small site) but with the maximum amount of light. This gave me the idea of internal courtyards/light-wells, and provided the basis for my entire development. I also incorporated a cafe, parking for each house and public green space within the scheme, all to maximise the positive effects and facilities for the area.  

Second year has been such an intense journey from beginning, to end. I have developed so much as an architecture student and gained so much more confidence in my abilities that I am now thoroughly excited to embrace the challenge that third year will bring!