Kun Ma (Matt)

P1: arborist training centre


Urban landscape provides a lot of benefits. It increases urban environment, safety, happiness, etc. Arborist plays a significant role in improving urban landscape. The project is to transfer the importance of arborist as a city developer. The site I chose is an enclosed space with trees. Instead of destroy the nature, all the trees are reserved and considered as a contributor to the building and people. In order to avoid negative impact to nature and public life, the building facade, orientation, form, etc are considered as well.



P2: Sharrow art performance theatre


Sharrow was once being popular by its food market. Due to the location and green space it has, Sharrow has its independent economy by variety of retails. Three public parks also provide a better living environment. However, the condition in my site has a huge difference. Infrastructure is not developed properly. The terraced house in Neil Road has lower quality compare to other place in Sharrow. The project is to insert a theatre in Neil Road, build a diverse living environment to change current condition. The performance art was chosed in my theatre project as this type of performance brings more young and mid-age people who would accpect modern art and bring more energy to the community. Research includes questionaire, political proposal, history of sharrow, etc. The research is to insure the theatre could reveal Sharrow’s potential in activating Neil Road. Exepct to set a theatre, the building itself is designed to adapt public activities. First floor has a plublic square that extended to next street. People has access to the first floor square from different streets.



P3: Heeley artist housing scheme


The project is aiming to build a stronger comunity by inviting artists who are going to have their studio in Sum Studio. The housing scheme is specificly for artists who does not have child. Artist also has to work with local comunities and contribute to Heeley festivals, infrastructure design and other events. The site is also in the heart of our masterplan. The project is aiming to build an area which is fragmental and open to public. Design strategies are focused on public accessibility and urban space. In order to create an associated space, the housing scheme consist a cafe, exhibition room, public platform and urban landscape.