Lily Kuik


A curated portfolio of Lily Kuik’s second year in Sheffield School of Architecture. These projects focus on addressing current issues facing inclusivity and community. The projects pay close attention to the needs of the site and greater context, addressing the needs early in the design process. In addition, exploring the design of threshold and private-public realm.


Project Three: Housing

Integrate: Closing the social-spatial gap in Housing, Burngreave Sheffield

Integrate seeks to address the growing class divide in housing through the integration of young families of different class status in Burngreave, Sheffield. This projects researches upon the various challenges integrating different social groups and the considerations needed in planning spaces for relaxed, occasional interaction.

The housing project consists of 1-3 bedroom apartments integrated and randomly mixed to foster the neighbourly relationship between families of different income levels. It considers the corridor as an opportunity for interaction and has been designed to encourage connectivity physically and visually.

A community scouts den have been designed facing Ellesmere street to provide a space for existing Burngreave Scout groups to plan and organise activities. Through the integration of this community space, it encourages the youths of Burngreave to participate in positive and empowering activities.

Project Two: Theatre

The Women’s Cabaret, Ropewalks Liverpool

The initial site analysis and neighbourhood study of Ropewalks revealed a vast network of dodgy strip clubs and bars. The Women’s Cabaret thus seek to bring a balance back to the Ropewalks through providing a space for women to be empowered, explore their sensuality and build their confidence.

It serves as a cabaret club most nights while the space will be used as a dance studio for performers to sustain a day job of teaching dance classes. A cafe and outdoor seating space have been designed to allow the users to relax and converse after classes and before performances.

With Strip clubs in the area often appear secretive and closed off, The Women’s Cabaret shouts for attention. It’s folded mesh facade have been designed to appear closed in the daylight. With the interior activities exposed at night when the building lights up.

Project One: A Paraglider’s Shed

From Grounding Landscapes to Unpredictable Clouds, Blacka Moor, Peak District National Park

Joint Project with Patricia Sangalang

A joint Project, we have designed the paraglider’s shed through understanding the processes paragliders go through. The shed sits on a site in between the carpark and the take off/landing point. Serving as a space for safety briefings, maintenance and view point.