Krisha Gurung


Site : Hathersage Allotments 

The brief of project P1 was to design a small building that provides a shelter in the landscape of the allotment in Hathersage. The building was designed to accommodate the users of the allotment site as well as the visitors where they could relax, clean and store. The building was located on the far side of the allotment behind the river to create a sense of exploration when visitors would enter the allotment, with the help of the bridge that connected the allotment to the building acting as a threshold.

P2  : Theatre: Rope walks 


The brief of this project was to create a theatre that appreciated the context in which we were placing our building projects. I decided to design a musical theatre which fits perfectly with the lively street where my site is. The building had a transparency theme, where the building connects the outside public to the theatre and its bar with the use of different lights to create different moods and large windows for its café so the public could see what’s happening inside the building creating a sense of connectivity and threshold from public to the theatre.



For this brief we were supposed to design a housing scheme with two different dwelling types in Burngreave, Sheffield, a multi-cultural and ethnically diverse community. For my manifesto I wanted to explore the idea of intergenerational housing in order to bring two different groups of people together sharing knowledge, interest and many other things between each other. I mainly focused on how the residents use the building spaces such as the entrance to the house and balcony area that connects the residents together in the housing scheme. I also worked on creating a communal café and gym which allows the residents to not only connect to the residents themselves but to the wider community too.