Klaudia Górak

P1: Into the Wild// A Foraging Center

“One of the most enjoyable things about foraging is the way in which it compels a greater awareness of one’s surroundings – the need to slow down, pause and look…nettles are a fantastically versatile plant, higher in vitamin C than oranges and packed full of protein. Why we use them so infrequently is something of a mystery.”

Stuart Ovenden

This is a design of a foraging center divided between two buildings, one for the needs of Winter/Autumn season, and the other for Summer/Spring Season.






P2: Performance//Shadow Theatre

“The theatre was once the heart of every community. A place to escape, a place to dream and wonder, a place to fall in love… The catharsis of the theatrical experience has been part of our society for centuries. It has the power to bring communities together, and contribute to a ‘sense’ of community”

This is a design of a theatre, which aims to serve as a public space, through its multipurpose outdoor space.



P3 Housing

‘the place where a meeting between two realms takes shape, the place where two entities that retain their full individual integrity overlap, where they are simultaneously present’

This is a counter design to a standard passive house. It confronts the three main issues of passive house which are: 1) lack of personalization, 2) separation from the environment ,3) lack of consideration to recyclability of building.

This house design is divided into two parts. The first one being the core which is chosen from a series of models by the family. It is a flat pack construction mounted on the site by a crane. The second are add on parts which the user can create by him/herself. These are to be made out of polycarbonate and scaffolding. The following add on parts are to serve as heat buffer zones which gather heat like a green house. By opening a window adjacent to the add on, the user can let in warm air, to heat the rest of the house.

The houses are fully demountable where each part can be either recycled or reassembled on another site