A view from beside the bird accomodation.

Kieran Marsh

P1 ‘Threshold’ – A Falconry rehabilitation centre

The Falconry rehabilitation centre is designed to facilitate the recovery of up to eight birds of prey along with accommodating two professionals directly involved in that process. It also includes a meeting room for up to ten members, its primary clients being wild life authorities. The centre is situated next to the limb Brook in close proximity to Ringinglow, an area of mixed pasture and woodland sitting just within Sheffield’s limits south west of the city centre. The site is diverse in its levels and exposure, along with its mixture of natural elements and crumbling ruins reminiscent of past industry in the area. It is this aspect I adopted as a threshold, using materiality and structure to represent old and new, tying this in turn to the recovery process of an injured wild falcon.

P2- A Theatre for illusion

The Theatre for illusion is situated in Hillsborough, just North West of Sheffield city centre. The building consists of a stair case encircling a void core, with both double and triple height views catching any visitor by surprise as they explore the unusual combination of spaces. The sense of illusion within the building comes to a peak with the mirrored box which sits on the third floor, casting a multitude of reflections and giving the performance space an air of invisibility. Throughout the day the cafe on the ground floor continues to serve customers whilst various exhibits about the history of magic fascinates them, all beneath the dormant mirrored box which hovers above them. By night the space transforms as the single window on third floor gives a mysterious splash of light and the ground floor glazing welcomes visitors to a unique performance venue.