Katrina Hemingway



Katrina Hemingway

2nd Year Portfolio

Sheffield School of Architecture 


P1 Apiary

The brief is to design a building to accommodate a quantity of elements from the subject of an apiary, as informed by research undertaken and site context. 

 Sheffield City Apiarium

A sanctuary in the city for avid Beekeepers and those who wish to learn about Bees. Sheffield City Apiarium aims to blur the lines between the bee and the viewer. Revealing more about itself as the building is unveiled, hence following the theme ‘the secret life of bees’. Featuring a classroom, workshop and office this wooden pavilion structure is built around a courtyard allowing vistas of the bees and the apiaries workings at all times.

Apiaries Views

Apiarium Views



P2 Library

Re-interpret the library:  by creating a ‘niche,’ design a new urban facade and purpose for the library in the 21st century.

The Flock Community Centre

The Flock Community Centre gives the separated community  an ambiguous space which they can build in together to foster a better future for the residents. The phrase Invite, Intrigue, Inspire, Educate is used throughout the project to give a plan where the library takes a step back in the scheme  with the cafe bring people in from the busy street and then letting them slowly and organically gain knowledge as they explore the building. The Flocks civic edge is highly important, this allows the ambiguous space which is needed, the white stone cladding facade adhere to this. The Flock community centre is named because of the gathering feeling of which it strives to create and its poetic flying bird and freedom connotations. 


Library Views

P3 Housing

Design a housing scheme which will accommodate families and an additional domestic group. Focused keenly on community engagement, exercise a shared approach with the neighbourhood and the schemes contribution to it. 

The Room That Was Always There

The Room That Was Always There housing scheme provides a harbour for disadvantaged people with flowing courtyards giving the levels of privacy needed for them to reintegrate into society, as described in the project manifesto. The Room That Was Always There provokes a sense of hope and aspiration for the future, but this name also poetically describes a grounding and a realisation of the past. Each house is provided with two separate entrances, one facing the street and another to the inner courtyards, this dual threshold offering more flexibility to the homeowner. The courtyards increase the privacy of the space and create a safe inner community for the residents linked to the mental wellness increasing buddy system described in my manifesto. 

The community cycle centre to the north of the site embraces wider Heeley while adhering to the overall masterplan of connecting green spaces and improving transport links in the now underused and awkward site. 


Housing Manifesto