Katie Hubbard

P 1                     T H E  A P I A R Y


Set in the historic Sheffield General Cemetery, the project consists of a small Apiary visitors centre and teaching space. Starting the project with an in-depth study of the job of a Beekeeper, our 1:1 drawing captures the view from the bee’s perspective – their self-built home being invaded by this large, shadowing figure. The main point is to convey through imagery that bees are far more scared of us and that it’s so important for visitors to be calm around an Apiary.

Learning from this, I have choreographed a calming route through the bees which leads through a split level gallery space with honeycomb like niches to sit in, which overlooks the Apiary teaching space. The scheme is clad in this laser cut aluminium ‘skin‘ which is designed to cast evocative shadows in and around, inspired by beautiful dappled tree shadows found elsewhere on site. 

The route is defined by these sheltered structures, which form the route around the pavilion and round the beehives. Initially sporadically placed a fair distance away from the bees, they catch the attention of the public, and give an impression that something interesting might be happening. As they slowly become more and more concentrated and at regular intervals, you are enveloped in this route to the bees and the pavilion before you even realise where you are.


P 2            T H E  S T E E L W O R K S  T H E A T R E



                                                                ‘a language we all can speak is music’


I have designed a community theatre which includes a music teaching facility, community cafe and an interactive facade, in the centre of Darnall, a nearby town to Sheffield. The Steelworks Theatre is all about getting people talking, interacting, crossing paths and consequently socialising with each other, by making a focal point of tactility and sound. I chose to do this by designing a physically engaging facade and by making this as diverse as possible. The vertical elements are tuned to a specific pentatonic scale which is what a lot of cultural music is based around – physically sending out the message that everybody is welcome.



P3              H E E L E Y  H O U S I N G

Heeley, a small town situated to the south-east of Sheffield city centre, can feel very disjointed. There is little flow or cohesion to the town. Our masterplan focuses on bringing the attention back to the green spaces into the town by making them more abundant, fun, and far more accessible to everyone.

I propose community housing for a mix of families, as well as 1 bedroom bungalows for older residents. The proposal carefully considers the adjacent existing high street and the connection between Denmark Road and Gleadless Road with a spacious communal green route through, creating a new hub for new and existing residents of Heeley. The faceted street front creates a connection between existing facades and extends the pavement substantially, creating a public space to wait, eat, meet, busk and perhaps even perform – these kind of passive spaces are severely lacking in Heeley. My main type of dwelling is a live-work unit with a shop unit on the ground floor which runs along Gleadless Road.

The scheme is all about connections: connections between the new and the existing, the natural and manmade, and the earth and the sky. The cohousing scheme features a landscaped courtyard which choreographs a public route through past the existing grand substation on Denmark Road as well as a more private passage for the residents. Based on opinions gathered around Heeley I decided to form a mixed tenure community housing project consisting of 5 3-bed dwellings designed for young families and 8 1-bed bungalows with a common house which also has guest rooms. In order to also design for the rest of the community, I have also extended and reconnected the existing high street with shop units on the lower ground of Gleadless Road.