Katie de Silva

Year two studio was comprised of three projects; a cycle centre, a community theatre, and a housing scheme. All posing different challenges and enabling me to develop my understanding of architectural design.






P1 | Cycle centre

The brief for P1 was to design a bicycle shop for maintenance, hire and storage. My site was located in Sheaf Valley Park (between the railway station and the on-going renovation of Park Hill apartments). I chose to place my cycle shop adjacent to the main cycle path running from Park Hill to the station in order to make use of this existing route and create a space to encourage recreational cycling. This part of the site was also set in a clearing in the landscape and at a raised vantage point due to the steep topography, which affords brilliant views over the cityscape. At the same time, the site’s incline also meant that it was quite visible to the western side of the city, which presented an opportunity to create something of landmark with my building.







P2 | Community theatre


The brief for P2 was to design a performance space to be situated in Darnall. When visiting Darnall and speaking to the locals, it was clear that there was an obvious lack of community spaces (the majority of buildings seemed to be either hairdressers of takeaways) and also an on-going social divide primarily between young Muslim immigrants and British locals. To address these issues I wanted to create an informal café style venue, which could facilitate live music performances aimed at both cultures and spaces for musical education. I chose to use reclaimed materials, such as reclaimed timber, brick and mosaic tiles to create a rich, warm atmosphere whilst addressing both the British and Muslim cultures in the area (by using British reclaimed masonry but also using Islamic-style ceramic designs with reclaimed tiles).








P3 | Housing scheme


The brief for P3 was to design a housing scheme for a mixed demographic, including families with children, which adhered to the principles explored in our personal housing manifestos. My Manifesto for Housing expressed the lack of satisfactory housing for elderly and retired people and my initiative to create homes for the ageing population, which will offer more individuality and freedom than care homes but retain a level of assistance and sense of community. Each housing unit comprises of a ground floor retirement dwelling, which is accessed from a communal courtyard; and a two storey family dwelling above, which is accessed from the street. The site for this housing scheme is Heeley, a 20 minute bus ride south of Sheffield city centre. The plot of land is currently an under-used car park serving Carrfield medical centre, which will be repurposed as a community facility and day care centre for children and the elderly.


Contact by email: kamdesilva1@sheffield.ac.uk