Kathryn Sedgwick

A collection of edited work that ranges over three projects from my second year of studies.


p1/ Cavers shelter

This project was in my mind the most successful from my second year of studies. The brief though challenging due to an unfamiliar client, encouraged me to think about the needs spaces must cater to in new ways while allowing me to further explore pre-existing ideas about spaces and thresholds. The design process fell together naturally and helped me improve my delivery of ideas.



P2 / Library



p3 / Single Parent Social Housing

This project was the most fulfilling due to the client being single-parent households and the challenge of how best to serve them as a community and as individuals. my focus was spread over 3 clients, the wider community, the parents and the children. While this meant the challenge of creating a cohesive building it led to many branches of great research especially that on stimulating play-spaces for children.