Katherine Haycock

A Theatre for Attercliffe

Attercliffe is a community on the margins of the city of Sheffield. Located on the main route between the city centre and Meadowhall, the area sees a lot of traffic; the majority of which passes straight through. It is a forgotton place. The brief of this project was to create a small community theatre to promote interest in the area, draw in visitors and create a vibrant hub for the local community. An existing church building would be converted into a more formal theatre space with an experimental theatre and exhibition space addressing the street front. Small platforms on various levels would play host to travelling performers, local poets and practising artists.



River Don Kayak Centre 

The River Don has a diverse context, running through forest, past factories and directly through Sheffield city centre. It is a hub for water-sports activities in the city, and the brief for this project was to create a Kayak centre which included storage, changing facilities and an office space for community use. Using the existing axis of the bridge as inspiration, the centre would sit right on the shore of the River with views downstream, allowing easy access for the Kayaks. A sculptural wooden façade would adorn the rear wall, being sympathetic to the wooded context and providing an interesting seating place to be enjoyed by the wider community. The main envelope would be a façade of corten steel to reflect the historically industrial nature of the site.