Katherine Dauncey


Throughout second year at the Sheffield School of Architecture, I have developed and refined skills learnt in first year and during my Art Foundation Year, from technical drawing to computer aided design. These skills are presented in this portfolio, which follows my design process throughout this academic year and includes designs for a vineyard, a theatre and an elderly housing scheme. 

contact: katherine.dauncey@googlemail.com 




P1 // The Viticulturalist // Wincobank Hill

Viticulture is the science, study and production of grapes. My first project of second year involved designing a space for the production, tasting and retail of sparkling wine. The ‘journey’ of the grape in the production of sparkling wine inspired me to create corresponding “journeys” for the visitors, in and around the building.

 Situated on Wincobank Hill, north east of Sheffield City Centre, the building straddles the main access path, drawing visitors in, whilst preserving the natural pathways. The views towards Sheffield City Centre are breathtaking and were a key driver for my project. I wanted the building to be a dramatic celebration of the location – with its panoramic views over the vines –a statement which would echo the celebratory nature of the sparkling wine produced there.




P2 // Jack in the Box // Attercliffe

“The theatre was one the heart of every community. As a building form, the presence of a theatre within a town once signified an achievement of social standing, an elevation to a higher intellectual or cultural level – a focus of great civic pride.”

Jack in the Box aims to bring back the pride that dreary Attercliffe has lost over time. The Theatre is adaptable, allowing diverse groups – perhaps a local band or a visiting circus – to use the space as they wish. The theatre aims to bring this eclectic, ever-changing community of Attercliffe together and bring in visitors from further afield. 





P3 // When I am a old woman I shall wear purple // Heeley

 The third project of the year was to design a housing scheme in Heeley, south of Sheffield. Doing research into Heeley I decided to focus my project on the elderly and the provision of opportunities for them. My project was inspired by Jenny Joseph’s poem Warning.

Instead of housing an ageing population in bungalows in the outskirts of a town, my manifesto is to engage with the potential social hub, that an ageing population provides. My manifesto aims to create a housing scheme, which encourages a sense of community among the residents but also encourages engagement with Heeley’s community, to avoid isolation and the creation of an elderly ‘bubble’.

The transition into old age often comes with the consideration of downsizing and loneliness; however, the architecture should not be dull and it should encourage community and an active lifestyle. The external walkway that wraps round the building and promotes ‘active ageing’, creates spontaneous interaction spaces for residents.