Katherine Bluff

P1: Cycle Centre

The brief asked for a cycle centre to be designed on the recently landscaped Sheaf Valley Park site next to Sheffield train station. The cycle centre had to include a space for bike maintenance and repairs as well as storage for fifty bikes. The location of the cycle centre within the larger site was particularly important as the building would be popular with commuters heading to the station as well as visitors looking to rent a bike for the day. The building wraps itself around a junction in the cycle path heading up the steep slope, providing shelter and views west across Sheffield with its unique ramped roof.


 P2: Community Library

The suburb of Attercliffe lies north-east of Sheffield city centre. It experienced a large growth at the time of Sheffield’s steel industry but the community has declined in recent years. The site was located on the main road heading out of the city towards Meadowhall shopping centre, meaning there was a particular focus on the building’s façade and its relationship to the current street. With the construction of a new school and housing estate in close proximity to the site, it seemed important to design a space that could act as a centre for neighbourhood activities, as well as acting as a district library.

The focus within the library are the study pods which range in size and hang within a large open atrium. These act as a place for the children to escape to and immerse themselves in reading.


P3: Live/Work Housing

The final project of the year was to design a housing scheme in the suburb of Heeley, south-east of Sheffield. The housing scheme had to accommodate families as well as another demographic, and a community facility must be provided on site. The site was located in the west of the suburb, next to the Millennium Park and on the site of the popular Brother’s Arms pub.
As part of our masterplan we proposed to re-route the main road in and out of Heeley to a one way system, creating a shared surface along Gleadless Road. The road, which runs along the north edge of the site, can then be used as a food and small business market, like that of the Peddler night market. The design for the scheme responds to the proposed market and SUM studios which is situated across the road, creating a live/work community within flexible housing.