Karni Jury

P1 – Threshold (Cycle)

Cycling is a means of transport, but it is much more than that. Cycling is both an individual and a collective pursuit, for some a way of life. Our task was to design a building that is both pit stop and hub as part of a strategy for promoting cycling in Sheffield.
Our proposed cycle hub is nestled into the landscape within Sheaf Valley Park, situated behind Sheffield train station. The cycle hub offers a rest place for commuters coming in and out of the city. It provides facilities to repair, refresh,  and relax while enjoying views that look out over the city.

P2 – Library

The library was once considered essential to every neighbourhood. A place providing access to a world of information and ideas, a place to escape, to dream and to learn. However, the library as a ’typology’ is now fighting for its life. The task for this project was to reinterpret the library for the 21st century.
My proposed ‘Digital Media Library‘ is situated in Ropewalks, Liverpool. It will work closely with the FACT Centre (the UK centre for digital art) that is located just around the corner. The library functions as a community centre focused on education and experience. It is unique in terms of facilities offered – the digital media library offers the opportunity for people to use and borrow video equipment as well as providing high quality printers, virtual reality creation and experience, video editing suites, a  green screen studio and many learning programmes to encourage the local community to get involved.

P3 – Housing

The design of housing, unlike the single house, offers an opportunity to exploit the potential of multiple units; the street. Central to the design and habitation of housing is the realm of ‘the shared’, expressed both physically in party walls, communal space, sustainable strategies, and metaphorically in the expression of common values, be they social, cultural, or issues of lifestyle.
The task was to design a housing project that also provides a ‘community interface’. Located in Burngreave, Sheffield, my project is an affordable co-housing design aimed specifically at single-parent families.  Built into the housing is a community kitchen that is supplied with home-grown ingredients from the roof garden allotment. The housing scheme is an opportunity for families to come together and live in a self supportive community.